About us

Brightpayer is a project of a registered business firm.
This business firm invests their capital in different traditional business and online business.
Know we have created a platform that will help people gain funds to support their financial needs.
Your task is just to invest in our system and wait for the money to return to your wallet.
And our target to serve clients who wish for a safe, secure and profitable investment scheme.

Registration Documents

Soon we will show our registration documents and if you have any questions about our business projects then feel free for contact us.
And if you have a big investor then we have a written agreement for you at your door step. So join us for bright future


If you Join some one with your referral link Brightpayer is give You Reward points according to your referral deposit.
And when you hit the target you can receive cash reward in your account

Payment Methods

You Can Use Perfect Money, Bit coin ,bit coin Cash account for Deposit and withdraw of Your funds. .

Bright Payer numbers

Bright Payer is the ultimate education platform to help you get started in the forex industry.